Day 8 Tandem Rhine Tour Mainz to Koblenz

So far we have covered over 550 miles on our journey down the Rhine from it source in Switzerland to our home in Mansfield Nottinghamshire UK. County Battery Tandem Team

This part of the journey is one of the best. We set off on an overcast morning from Mainz as we had a steady climb the night before we had an 8km downhill to the banks of the Rhine.

We are following a route in The Rhine Cycle Route book. As the book states this part of the Rhine is full of castles and vineyards.

The river grows bigger the further we progress.

With more and more castles.

We made our way to the town of Bingen where we turned off the Rhine pathway

and stopped for coffees

The scenery is stunning.

We headed to Boppard for lunch, quite a large town with lots to see it is worth a visit.

All the way along this route it is beautiful and peaceful.

From Boppard we headed for Koblence where we got our first view of the River Mosel.

We stayed at the Mosel Hotel Hanh it’s clean with air conditioning and was only €100 plus €10 per person for breakfast. It is not the best of the trip but comfortable and well priced.


Day 7 Rhine Cycle Tour Speyer to Mainz

Nearly forgot, the last night stay was

Spira house an apartment €85. Just brilliant.

The owner was very helpful, we had a very comfortable night. There was a massive thunderstorm but although there was a splattering of rain in the morning it kept dry and cooler than previous days.

The route was not as exciting as some of the others, we have travelled a lot of agricultural land. Not much to see.

We were impressed at Ludwigshafen where BSAF (remember the cassette tapes) supply their workers with company bikes.

We rode through Worms that followed the Rhine, ever marvelling at its size

There are lots of cruise ships of a reasonable size.

We decided we would stop following the RR route and make our own way to the hotel in Mainz. At Nierstein we decided to take a shortcut and follow Google Maps to the hotel we had booked for the evening. Taking a road up through the Nierstein vineyards looking over the Rhine.

The climb was tough and it took us longer than it possibly would had we followed the cycle path.

There was a view point.

We got to our hotel at 3.30 the Atrium In Mainz with massive room big bed pool spar and air conditioning for €85. Great hotel and facilities we did eat in the hotel two courses for two people €83 which we thought was a little on the expensive side.

Day 6 Rhine Cycle Tour Rhinemunster to Speyer

We have moved slightly off the route given in the book “The Rhine Cycle Route” by Mike Wells because of hotel locations, so we’re now making our way back to the Rhine Route eventually catching up at Karlsruhe.

We cycled from here to catch the Leopoldshafen Rhine ferry across the water to Leimershein. With the current in the Rhine at this point the ferry can’t sail straight across,

and the river traffic has become massive.

With 20 miles to go, we stopped off at Germersheim. A very popular spot with hundreds of cyclists.

We then made our way to Speyer, another lovely town.

Where I ate a tradition dish, Rinderroulade. a meat dish with dumplings and red cabbage I think might have been better as a winter dish than summer, €16.80.

My wife Jane is a massage therapist. I was getting very tight quad muscles so she stretched my psoas muscles and the pain went away.

455 miles done! 399.4 miles to go!


Day 5 Rhine Cycle Tour Neuf-Brisach to Rhinemunster via Strasbourg

Another beautiful day on our tandem trip from the Swiss alps to Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, our home.

The route took us up a canal that had been built by Napoleon to help move his forces around. The ride is very flat, really beautiful. It is 45 miles of the same, there doesn’t seem to be much happening around it. We took food with us and ate on the way.

We got to Strasbourg. There are various signs with Centre on them we followed the Eurovelo 15 signs and eventually got to the town centre. It is really pretty.

After Strasbourg we headed for our hotel in Rhinemunster. We followed canals and the Rhine and eventually crossed it about 10 miles from the hotel.

It had grown beyond all expectations.

Our hotel for the night, the Engle. We read a comment on one of the reviews that the food was good at the hotel. It was exceptional asparagus in season and served with pancakes and hollandaise sauce.

The hotel cost £85 bed and breakfast was really good no air con and it was a hot evening.

Day 4 Rhine Cycle Route Waldshut to Neuf-Brisach

On our County Battery Tandem Team we have covered about 210 miles from the Oberalpass. We checked our itinerary and decided to up the mileage and do 80 miles to Neil-Brisach.

The morning of 29-05-2018 was grey and raining but it was cool. I was interested to see how well our Sealskinz over-socks and our panniers and saddlebag performed. However the rain soon subsided, although everything was dry the test was not good enough.

It was quite amazing how fast the size of the river was growing.

And more so when the Rhine canal joins at Schwaderloch.

We followed the Swiss side of the Rhine and then came to the pretty town of Rhinefelden.


We pushed on to Basel and for some reason unknown to me it was more difficult to follow the marker signs and we got lost in Basil.

And found some disinteresting places, the second picture I put in for our friend Ross who is our favourite freight forwarding agent.

We did discover that if you book using the app will give you the address of that hotel which you can open in google maps and use as a satnav if you don’t have a Garmin. Beware it is heavy on Battery

After Basel we headed up a canal, the whole of the route from then on appeared to be on the flat.

Another German cyclist pointed out the oldest nuclear power station in France which he said could go at anytime. I am sure it would wreck the Black Forest behind it

We reached Neuf-Brisach in the late afternoon, what a great surprise. It is a fortified town built on the orders of Napoleon walled and fortified

Even better, the best hotel room yet in the town an apartment

Cost only €79

Just so you all know how we are managing with so little luggage. We wash our clothes every night. They get very dirty.

Strasbourg tomorrow.

Day 3 Rhine Cycle Tour Konstance to Waldshut

We left Konstance at 7.30am to try and miss the heat of the day. We headed along the Rhine and after about 20 miles came to Stein am Rhein.

Amazing place. We then headed for the Rhinefalls which we were told is the biggest waterfall in Europe.

We then picked up the D8 cycle route with amazing scenery on the way.

We finished at Waldshut. The temperature on a sign outside the Chemist said 33 degrees.

The hotel in Waldshut is the best yet. It is 4 stars with an extra big bed for €148 called the Bercher.

We had a meal in Waldshut, there is no comment or picture. It was OK but nothing to recommend for this blog

This trip is really quite tough. The schedule is tight and the weather is really hot. If you do this trip, bear these things in mind. We have decided to up the standard of hotel making sure we have as many luxuries as possible. We didn’t book hotels before we came, just the first two.

and have been managing the rest through

Day 2 Tandem Cycle trip from Buchs to Konstanzo

Feeling fresh and well. We had a good breakfast and set off. We are following a guide book called the Rhine Cycle Route and as instructed in this book we moved away from the Rhine and cycled through very pretty agricultural land to Bregenz. One of the towns we passed was Allistatten, the route passes an amazing scrapyard.

Leaving the mountains behind us, the route goes from Switzerland, along the Lichtenstein border, to Austria, then into Germany.

The next town we came to was Bregenz on the banks of Lake Konstanz. We stood in the harbour and looked up, there was a Zeppelin we assumed came from Freidrichhafen, where the Zeppelin factory was founded.

As the temperatures got to 28 degrees, we decided a boat trip would be good so we cut the route short by 30 miles and caught the ferry to Konstanz. It cost €18 each + €6 for a “long bike”.

The ferry’s first port was Lindau, a medieval town that is bustling with activity.

Boat battery

There are many more stops. The ferry takes 3 and half hours to Konstanz. Fredrichshafen is a busy port with an airport.

The penultimate stop is Meersburg.

We arrived in Konstanz at 7.00pm, had a quick shower, washed our clothes and went out for a meal. We were luckily on the German side of the bridge which makes a massive difference to ghd price. Two meals including soft drinks €35 compared with €50 the night before in Switzerland. Similar view too.

The hotel for today is the Apartment Hotel Konstanz. Better than the last one in Switzerland, £130 including breakfast, bigger room, bigger bed and a lot nicer.

We are going to start earlier in the morning to see if we can beat the sun.