The benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Waiter Rule allegedly penned by Dave Berry refers to the belief that someone’s character can be judged by how they treat the waiter or someone that they feel is their subordinate. At County Battery Services the policy for corporate social responsibility is to try and work with the young as they are our future. To strive for the good of the locality that contains our customers. If our customers prosper then so may we. Finally we try to help those less fortunate than ourselves if you can be humble and show compassion to anyone then it follows that you should be able to deliver excellent customer service.

There are many other reasons why CSR is of great benefit to all involved

  • Feel good factor
  • Publicity
  • Networking
  • Staff team building
  • Giving is great
  • Tax deductible

There are two ways of giving; time, or money. County Battery Services don’t like to do both. If you do both then you may be in danger of having too much control in a cause and getting too involved.


No Procedure at BMW

When I booked my i3 in to a local dealer for a factory recall I was offered a courtesy car which was helpful. When I went to collect it from the dealer I was told I would have to pay £14 for the insurance when I questioned the courtesy I was told that it had to be paid.

The lady fetched the car (which is electric) and said “whoops the battery is flat not sure why”

“I think I do” I said. The car has a range extender( petrol powered) so it was not a complete disaster.

The next day someone called to ask about the service I had been given I mentioned the battery was flat and said I wasn’t particularly worried and had coped with out it. The lady asked “what would you like me to do then?”

“Nothing I was answering your question” was the answer

Don’t waste your time worrying

Yesterday I was at a business meeting and the subject of Brexit was bought up. Lots of people had opinions what should happen what there was to do. I listened with amusement because actually there is nothing I can do about it!

We watch the news all negative Korea are testing nuclear weapons Donald Trump is not happy Again there is very little I can do to influence Mr Trumps mood or Korea’s show of strength.

I have stopped watching and listening to the news because I don’t want to fill my life with negativity if there is anything really important people come and tell me although Korea Trump and Brexit don’t impress me too much!

There is a newspaper in my home town of Mansfield that only prints good news called The News Journal why can’t more papers spread more positives so the little fat guy from Mansfield can keep on smiling

The War on Waste

As you are probably aware we at County Battery Services are practitioners of 2 Second Lean which is a type of Kaizen (Japanese for continuous improvement).

Paul Akers has taken the principles of Kaizen and moulded them into a very useable system that can be implemented by any company. The benefits include

  • Increased efficiency
  • Staff Development
  • Increased staff morale
  • Clean and tidy workplace
  • Staff empowerment
  • Procedures
  • Reduced Waste
  • Less Stock
  • Shorter lead times
  • Greater Profit

So why don’t more companies read the book and implement the system? Firstly it probably goes against all the principles that you would normally expect from a business leader

  • Stop working on the job and work on improvements (there is no time the job come first)
  • I will never be able to get my staff to do this
  • Everyone to clean and tidy (the staff can but it’s below me)
  • Staff expected to make improvements to their job (they can’t be trusted)
  • Daily staff meetings (what every day?)
  • We already have systems for staff development (how can this work it’s too cheap)

From the staff

  • We are wasting time (get someone else else to do the cleaning standardising and sorting)
  • Why should I clean, and sort things in a semblance of order?
  • Cleaning is below me
  • I’m not paid to do to this

In the words of Jeff Olson in his book the Slight Edge “it’s easy to do and easy not to do.”

Please believe me when I say if you take on 2 Second Lean you business will be a better place I even practice it at home

Gardena Lithium Battery

County Battery Services   have started to rebuild the Gardena Lithium Battery as you are probably aware lithium rebuilding can cause some difficulties however as you can see in the picture Stuart at our Nuthall Depot is an expert. If you need help with one of these or any other lithium battery pack please let me know. I can be contacted at County Battery Services

County Battery Services   use Panasonic cells for their power tool rebuilds the quality is second to none!

100 Amp Fuller Leisure Battery

Taking old electric vehicle batteries and using them to store solar energy

Here is an interesting way to use a product that is no longer of serviceable use in the product that it was designed for then recycled to do another job The question is will it work?

Part of my work at County Battery Services Ltd is to look at new and innovative products that the Company can bring to Market some time ago we launched the Powerbank a device that captures the solar energy from photovoltaic cells and stores it to be used when the sun goes down.

Old batteries and solar I think this all sound a great idea, but in reality is it feasible? If the battery has come from a crashed damaged car that is an insurance total loss then I could see it working, but the suggestion is that you take a battery that is no longer of use in a car and expect it to perform in a solar application.

I am aware that studies are being carried out no one talks about the battery life after is has left the car, It would need to be reconditioned in some way or the correct voltage could not be maintained. When ever we have swapped cells in fork truck batteries the others soon start to fail not long after and they are of low voltage with typically no more than 24 cells

The battery could be dismantled and any faulty cells could be replaced but that is a time consuming and dangerous job (400V DC). As there are lots of cells in one of these packs It would be easy to miss some, or have others fail within days of the others being replaced. It is possibly cheaper to buy a new battery and definitely more reliable.

The quest to find a cheap way to store energy I think must carry on maybe a water tower and an Archimedes Screw would be better?

Alessandro Volta’s Born 18th February 1745. Inventor of the battery

In 1786 the whilst biologist Luigi Galvani was dissecting a frog. Each time his scalpel came into contact with the frogs leg it twitched. Galvani believed he had discovered a new kind of electricity and called it animal electricity.

Galvani’s friend Alessandro Volta disagreed he believed that the electricity was generated when two dissimilar metals were immersed in a liquid.Volta found in his experiments the most effective pair of dissimilar metals to produce electricity were zinc and silver.

He experimented with individual cells in series, each cell being a wine glass filled with brine into which the two electrodes were dipped. The voltaic pile replaced the goblets with cardboard soaked in brine.

In a letter dated March 20, 1800, addressed to Joseph Banks, who was the President of the Royal Society of London, Volta first reported the electric pile, allegedly the first electric battery,

Borbrav, svg version by Luigi ChiesaImage:Voltaic pile.png

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