Tax is very taxing

Here is one that may raise some controversy and it is about tax and the amount of different ones. I think that the reason there are so many is so that nobody really knows how much tax they are paying. Because we live in a nanny state the politicians might feel that it would not be good for every one the know the full amount.

As some of you know we at County Battery Services practice 2 second lean which is a system of continuous improvement which looks at ways to reduce waste.  There are  too many taxes and licenses in the UK which is really  inefficient. You may say “but it does create jobs!”  unfortunately these jobs don’t create wealth for the country they are an extra expense which costs everyone more money. Imagine you could harness the brilliance of these tax people to work on projects to create wealth instead of the opposite.

We continue to hear speculation of all the bad things that will occur after Brexit, believe me, nobody knows what will happen. Pay no heed to these soothsayers if we as a country can become efficient then the world will once again will be our oyster.

So why do we don’t just have one tax? Lets have VAT at a high rate and get rid of the income tax car tax smoking tax all the rest. The country has a high rate of employment at the  moment and allegedly lots of people will leave our shaws at Brexit so the people who work in the tax field should be good for jobs

I am really interested  in your views will my system work?