Patriotism: Why only once every 4 years?

I must own up to the fact that I really don’t like football. It may have been because I was never good enough to make the school team so I lost interest. That does not mean I don’t want England to win!

I am English and very proud of that fact and also a citizen of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.

I somehow think we have it wrong. We in England only seem to get flags out at football matches. Why not celebrate on the 23rd April? A bank holiday marches parties pomp and ceremony about all that is English. The Irish are good at it, they even exported Paddies day to the U.S.

We at County Battery Services make sure there is a flag flying at our head office everyday, either the Union flag, George Cross or County Flag. We invite you to do the same and shout for England not just for the football.


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