Day 15 Rhine Tandem Tour Hull to Mansfield and Summary

We travelled somewhere in the region of 855 miles from the Oberalp pass in Switzerland to the ferry at Rotterdam. We then had a further 79 miles from Hull to home in Mansfield. A total of 935 miles.

We had booked a suite on the ferry which was great.

We got off the ferry and headed south on Cycle Route one and country lanes as far as Retford where we stopped at Mamma Guisi’s Italian Snack Bar and Deli. We had great food and drinks and carried on to Ollerton when I realised I had lost my phone when I called it I had left it at the restaurant the owner offered to look after it for me, nice man.

To round up; we had a great time, the further we rode the easier it seemed to be.

We didn’t use our towels and I didn’t use my jumper although the weather was good. We had very little rain.

The cycle paths and the motorists in the countries we passed through were far superior to those in the UK Following the EV15 signs was some times difficult especially in the cities. We used a combination of google maps Garmin and the Rhine Route book by Mike Wells.

We set to do 65 miles a day it would have been better to allow some rest days in case of breakdowns or illness. Jane and I had not tackled anything like this before and did normally 50 miles per week

We met lots of people who were doing 10 to 30 miles a day and or using battery power the route can be tackled by most levels of cyclist. We have a touring Tandem a Dawes Galaxy Twin.

Racing bikes are not really suitable, a hybrid or mountain bike is better as some of the routes are on poor ground.

Our Honeymoon was the most I have ever packed into a holiday. My wife and I were together almost constantly for 18 days, we came home smiling but make sure you are happy with your stoker.

We would both like to thank Phil Dobson and Martyn Knox for delivering our cycle to Switzerland. Anna and Josh for help with the flights. The guests that attended our wedding and contributed to our honeymoon fund. The support we have received from friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Mansfield and Ashfield 2020, Hucknall 41 Club and Hucknall Round Table, the Team at County Battery Services who did an excellent job without me. Dave and Angela for looking after Basil.

Lots of people shout to us “she’s not peddling” talking to another tandem rider he said he got similar remarks but the best one was “buy her a bike of her own you tight git!”

I have made a compilation I hope you will enjoy

if you are thinking of doing a tandem tour and would like more information please get in touch, we are happy to help.