Lithium is it the answer?

There is a huge surge towards the use of lithium in batteries. The question is when the battery is finished what to do with it? At County Battery Services we sell Lithium batteries of all types and of course have the facilities to collect the old battery products and send them to the recyclers

Lithium is a very volatile metal do you remember the teacher at school demonstrating Lithium? Our teacher got a pair of tongues and pulled out a piece out of  lithium oil  dropped it into some water it reacted with the water then caught fire. Noxious substances were produced when adding it to water.It burns at up to 700 degrees C.

So bearing in mind how volatile this element is there are quite significant issues in the storage and transportation of lithium batteries both new and used. The British Post Office will not knowingly carry even a small lithium button cell. Another issue to bear in mind there are probably 50 different types of lithium based battery a lot of these with different routes to recycling and as most of the recycling is carried our abroad and more and more shipping lines are refusing to carry these products. The disposal of waste is becoming a greater and more expensive issue.

Now most people nowadays own a mobile phone normally powered by a lithium battery, is that a bomb in your pocket? Supermarkets have boxes in their windows to collect waste batteries I wonder how long it might be before one of them goes up in flames?

Is lithium the answer I am sure it probably is but we need to go through lots of learning before I will be sure!

5 x 3.6v 8500mah Lithium Thionyl Chloride ER26500 C cell batteryLithium-Thionyl Chloride 


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