BMW i3 The Electric Highway

In earlier editions of this blog I talked about charging well I have had my first experience of charging on the motorway. I had driven down to Luton Airport parked in Airparks and they charged the car for me for free. Charged at no charge is confusing!

Before I left I fully charged the car batteries but the outside temperature was below freezing and the lithium batteries like all the other batteries I have encountered with my work at County Battery Services don’t charge as well when cold. The reason for this is quite simple chemical energy converting to electrical energy and heat is the catalyst.


When I left the distance on the car said 92 miles and the sat nav said it was 111 to Luton. I pressed on and used the range extender for the extra milage. When I arrived back to Luton again it was really cold so I decided it was time to check out the charging on the M1.

The BMW has quite a good icon on the dashboard that tells you when it does not think there is enough charge in the battery to get you to your destination. When you click on it allows a search for charging stations along the route. I pulled into Leicester Forest East Services and just followed the instructions on the charger which involved downloading an app and adding my credit card details.

I was really surprised how fast the car charged I plugged in used the  convenience then went for a coffee before I had finished the coffee the app messaged me to tell me only five minutes to go! Within 30 minutes and £6 later my range was back up to 88 miles I felt refreshed it was good to stop.

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