BMW i3

Happy New Year I have just taken delivery of my new BMW i3 and thought I would write a number of blogs about how I am coping

I have been selling batteries for over 35 years and until recently have been sceptical about the electric car. After all we all know that batteries are heavy they take too long to charge and that the range once you have one is rubbish! That was my view at least until a couple of my friends purchased them. One a  Tesla and the  other one an i3

When I started looking at them I realised they were serious contenders. The Tesla claims 253 miles on the 60kwh model  where the BMW claim 125 miles  on the new 94ah 360 volt but another optional extra is the range extender which could add a further 85 miles.

I looked at the cost I did not wish to buy one of these cars outright because the speed at which technology is changing is phenomenal so a two-year lease  sounded great to me  BMW quote £300 per month on the basic model with 8000 miles usage and no deposit, Tesla wanted £2000 deposit and £2376 per month

looking at all the other models of EV they mostly were in the same 125 mile range which for me is not quite enough so I ordered the i3 with range extender. The range extender is basically a motorcycle engine that kicks in when the battery has fallen to 6.5% state of charge. The motorcycle engine acts as a generator and charges the main battery as opposed to a hybrid that generally has a separate electric motor attached to the gearbox of a standard petrol engined car.


I went to two places for quotes Sytner in Nottingham and Stratstone in Derby both quotes appeared to be the same I assume they both use BMW leasing. I asked both if they could do a test drive Stratstone allowed me to take it for a couple of days Sytner took over 3 weeks to get back to me ( I had given Stratstone the order by that time) I dealt with Chris Whitmore (01332 369511) who is the i specialist at Stratstone and very helpful and knowledgeable.

As with all cars the optional extras are extensive and with the extra mileage my i3 cost is £350 + VAT per month.

I ordered the car at the beginning of November and was told to expect delivery the second week in January 2017 I collected the car on the 28th December 2016.

As the car was two weeks early I had neglected to arrange a charge point at home or at County Battery Services  fortunately the vehicle comes with a charge lead that connects to  a  normal 13 amp plug it can take between 6-9 hours to charge this way

At County Battery Services we run a Kaizen system which we call lean this is a system very much about eliminating waste and development of staff. We are also very passionate about Investors in The Environment  (Ella which is a system for measuring and lowering the carbon footprint in a company. The BMW i3 fits into both these systems very well both in efficiency and the recycle factor.

The car drives like a dream and the charging is all too easy see more blogs coming soon!




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