You Have To Be Mad Not To Do It!

On Tuesday 19th July two of my daughters graduated from Nottingham Trent University with First Class Honours Degrees, how proud this has made me I cannot begin to explain.

County Battery Services were also due to receive for the second year the Green Award (bronze silver and Green) from Investors in the Environment. Could I make it to both? Fortunately yes! I love this organisation not only because it is staffed by really nice and helpful people, (Ella organises great functions) but for what it stands for, after all if we don’t invest in our environment there may not be much of a future for any  of our children. The ethos of the Standard fits in very well with our lean culture at County Battery Services

Imagine my surprise when after all the Awards had been handed out to well deserved companies they announce a further award for Investors in The Environment Champion and it was for the Little Fat Guy from Mansfield (they didn’t call me that). I was told that it was because I had promoted the Standard to lots of people and other business’.

The award works to reduce waste, so when we first looked at it we had some help  from students from Nottingham Trent University who helped us to evaluate where we were; that is how much water electricity gas and diesel  we were using along with  how much waste we were producing in other areas such as packaging and general rubbish. The students then put a  proposal together to help us lower our carbon footprint.

Some of the ideas were simple some were more technical. We purchased an industrial shredder for the paper and cardboard that was going to landfill, we than used those shreddings for packing parcels for mailorder customers. The shredder cost £3000 the cost of polystyrene chips at the time was costing us £50 per week the shredder return on investment was just over a year. We installed new energy efficient lighting in all the offices again the savings we so that the ROI was about a year. There are lots more initiatives that we have made and are continuing to make as the carbon footprint gets smaller then so do the bills.

  •  less environmental damage
  • saving the world for our children
  • saving money
  • creating a good feeling in and about your company
  • corporate social responsibility

You Have To Be Mad Not To Do It!

If you would like to find out more about IIE look on their website

www.Investors in The Environment 

Telephone 0115 985 3005




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