What does the Little Fat Guy Do?

I have been selling batteries for all types of products for all of my working life. My father set up the company in 1974 when I was 10 and I helped my dad as a boy. I really used to enjoy going out with him visiting customers and delivering stock which was mainly for cars lorries and plant starting. When I reached 14 I was officially employed and spent my Saturday mornings working in the shop serving customers, testing batteries filling them with acid and charging them. Since then the Company has evolved a lot supplying every type of battery for virtually every kind of application

I am controlling Director of County Battery Services Ltd in Kirkby in Ashfield Nottinghamshire in the UK. In June 2015 we adopted a scheme innovated by Paul Akers in The US called 2 Second Lean, this system is based using the Kaizen (continual improvement) principles that Toyota developed in Japan just after world war two.

We at County Battery are very keen on the environment and take as many steps as possible  to reduce our carbon foot print this has been recognised as we have been honoured with an Investors in Environment Gold Award

I have been involved with Round Table for many years and this has taught me how important the local area and youth are to the wellbeing of the rest of us they and it are out future! With this in mind I am very keen that our company makes sure that it covers its corporate social responsibility and gives back sometimes in cash but more often in man hours to the community

I have taken on the mantle for the volunteering on behalf of the the company and sometimes find it difficult to fit everything in I am currently volunteering as Director Mansfield 2020 I am Chairman Mansfield and Ashfield Federation of Small Business, I am Business Advisor to Brunt’s Academy, I mentor for the Princes Trust, every month at Mansfield 2020 meetings I raise money for Portland College by giving away chocolates that the generous members make donations for. I am currently Honorary President of Gedling Round Table in its inaugural year with a hope that we are able to get the new club running (so far really well). The Company gives work experience to the less fortunate working closely with Portland Collage and recently with Real Education to give young people with difficulties a chance.

I have lots of hobbies and pastimes too Jane my life partner and I like to cycle on our tandem with a goal of fifty-five miles per week, we have an allotment where we grow fruit and vegetables and socialise with the other allotment holders. We love to spend time with family (5 Children 1 Grandson).  I am a Freemason and as past Chairman Hucknall 41 Club like to support them in all their activities (which normally involve alcohol and food)



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