Princes Trust 40 years old next year

Last week I was out at a mentor meeting with some of my colleagues from Princes Trust we meet up on a six monthly or yearly basis to discuss any problems or advantages we have found whilst mentoring young people. I found the session very useful and as always it is very nice to meet up with other people helping what I believe top be a great cause.

The Prince’s trust is a charity started by Prince Charles to help young  and often disadvantage people to either get into full time employment or to start of the business. My role within the Prince’s Trust is to help help young people start up in business and to support them on the first two years of their business life. As you are probably aware most fledgeling businesses fail within the first two years. The  Prince’s trust recognises this so assigns a mentor normally someone who has business experience with the hope that the mentee can be steered away from these pit falls

The youth off today are tomorrow’s future. I firmly believe that if we can invest in them today then all our futures will be brighter. If I can use some of my 35 years experience at County Battery Services to help someone succeed it is a bonus not only for my own well-being but also hopefully it will be helpful to groups of others

I was very surprised and delighted when part way through the meeting my Prince’s Trust boss Justin Donne said I have some thanks within the group one of which was to make me a presentation for the seven years service to the Prince’s Trust and for the help and support that I’ve given them. Such a small thing made me feel very appreciated within the organisation,

When I think of the people that I have mentored and the help I hopefully  have given to them I started thinking what the Prince’s Trust has given to me, not only has it given me great friendships it has also given me in some ways a purpose  an avenue to help people, it is given me the pride to say “I’m a mentor for the Prince’s Trust and it is given me most of all feeling of well-being.


The princes trust is 40 years old next year what a marvellous organisation I am proud to say I am in association with it



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