Award for County Battery Services

County Battery Services Ltd have received a prestigious award from Portland College in Mansfield Nottinghamshire. The company has been involved with work placements

County Battery Services specialise in a variety of batteries, from alarm batteries to lawnmower batteries, emergency lighting batteries to 6v motorcycle batteries and anything in between.
Rich Portland
County Battery Services pride themselves on being an ‘Investor in People’, and  were accredited a 10 year award in 2013.
Are also proud to have made a Career Champions Pledge in 2015 to commit to undertaking activities in the 2014/2015 academic year which will support the employability skills of students within the Mansfield Learning Partnership.

In February 2015 County Battery Services Ltd chose to take on Jordan Tilley, a student from Portland College on a 6 week work experience program.
As online sales increased throughout the company Jordan became a vital part of the warehouse team, packing over 100 parcels per day.
As a result of all of Jordan’s hard work, in April 2015 he was offered a part time job in the company, working alongside the rest of the team whilst still completing his studies at Portland College.

In July 2015 County Battery Services and Jordan were presented with an ‘Award for Employability’ by Portland College. Jordan now continues to work for County Battery Services  and has become an even more fundamental part of the company, due to ever increasing work in the warehouse department in which Jordan plays a crucial role


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