E bay and Amazon are they bad for the Economy?

We at County Battery Services have both Ebay and Amazon sales accounts, we also trade through a website, I have been pondering lately as to whether we should continue to support these tax dodging giants.

The fees for both are extortionate (generally 15% of the gross including VAT). Ebay in particular is very much a Dutch auction with many people trading from home with no real overhead and no guarantee to be upheld. There are people trading internationally with goods being shipped far and wide I would guess mostly imports which a lot of the time must slipID-100294465 under customs noses.

Then you have suppliers that obviously do not know what they are doing goods are being shipped out with what has got to be a loss made on the transaction, if you were to take an item that costs £4.00 + VAT = £4.80 then let us assume the sale price is £9.60 plenty of profit there you may think but actually just 5p

cost £4.80
selling £9.60
Ebay + Pay pal Fee @15% £2.25
Delivery £2.50
Profit £0.05

Then you see and hear people in shops quoting Ebay and Amazon prices if we are not careful there will be nothing else!


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