Trip Advisor is this the correct way to complain?

For those of you following my thoughts  you will realise I am not in any way affected by Trip Advisor I am Managing Dirctor of County Battery Services Ltd. Unfortunately there is no reputable  Trip Advisor type company in the battery trade. I say unfortunate because there are some rogues in this industry, but would it flush them out or give unjust feedback?

I recently stayed at a large hotel in Leicester which I won’t name, I have stayed there numerous times before and it has always been great, on the last occasion there were a catalogue of problems ranging from a shower that did not work to waiting 20 minutes to get seated for breakfast and them running out of foods because they were under staffed.

I checked out and told the girl at reception of my disappointment she said that she would refund my parking for the night. When I got back I thought that this was not really good enough and a friend advised me to complain on Trip Advisor, after giving some consideration I sent an email of complaint to the hotel manager, who responded with a very apologetic letter giving me reasons for the hotel’s bad service welcoming me back  another time with the promise that they would wow me, and refunding me the cost of the stay.

Will I return? Most definitely. Should I publish on Trip Advisor? Is it a positive for Trip Advisor?

Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


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