Nanny Britain

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Just the other day I was driving near to a local primary school and the time the children finish for the day. As I approached a crossing a lollypop lady pressed the button to halt the traffic then proceeded to the middle of the road whilst a young mother and her child crossed. Is this necessary? Do the Government really think that people are not clever enough to cross roads?

What about seat belts? I remember big campaigns on the TV telling people the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt, then they made it law that you had to wear one anyway, look we all know that if you don’t wear a seat belt and you crash through the windscreen of a car it is going to hurt. Should there be a law if I am not smart enough to understand?

The British Government (and it does not matter for whom you vote) cannot seem to stop meddling in other peoples business. Questioning their right to make a choice is it not time we all said we can make our own decisions?

I have only covered a few of the meddles I am sure there are lots more you can think about

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