How many people are in work in the UK I dont wish to worry you but!

According to the office of National Statistics August to October 2014 30,796,000 people were working in the UK

26,029,000 were in employment 4,535,000 Self employed  8254,000 part time

5,412,000 worked for the government

If we estimate that for every government worker there is another person either sub contracting, supplying or otherwise  There are also a large number of people employed by charities most of these are government funded.

The rate is two to one. Current tax on employment is 45.8% that is 20% income tax Employers National insurance 13.8% and Employees National insurance 12% after the first £10,000

For easy workings lets assume we have 150 workers 100 in the private sector and 50 in the public sector and lets assume they all earn £1.00 each 50% of wages go to the Government  the Government would have an income of £100 and out goings of £50 . £50 profit excellent I hear you say but that needs to pay for the other 35 million unemployed,sick,old aged pensioners, disabled, I am not so sure it is enough.

What do you think?


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