Do You loose weight if you eat at night?

Part of Newtons first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only change forms or flow from one place to another.

Now being a little fat guy and having lots of people over the years tell me that if you eat at night you put on weight, I thought it might be worth a little thinking about. Not being  a Doctor or in anyway qualified what you are read is possibly drivel. Newtons Laws are useful to us at County Battery Services and I thought if it is a law then it can be applied to any scenario.

Now what I am often told is that you eat food and it does not get digested and turns to fat! Well that one has got to be wrong or Newton has! To turn the food to fat would take energy and to turn it back next morning to fuel the body would take more energy. I see lots of calorie controlled diets that suggest that an average man probably needs 2500 calories per day (dependent on life style age etc.) To gain a pound per week then you should add about 500 calories per day to your total, conversely to loose weight minus 500 calories per day will see you loosing about a pound.

None of these diets suggest that the food should be taken at a particular time in fact most suggest that the intake of food be spread right through the day. I assume that this is so that blood sugar is kept levels to stop the urge to stuff high calorie sugar laden snacks.

If eating at night increases weight by how much? Will this solve the worlds food crisis? If I fill my car up with fuel in the evening or in the morning my fuel consumption will not change
The body is not a machine and I don’t know if it uses different amounts of energy at different times of the day (why would it?)

What do you think?

Image courtesy of  hyena reality at

Image courtesy of hyena reality at


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