How to pay for the NHS? Increase or decrease TAX?

Difficult to create a plan to save the NHS never mind in a one page blog But I do like to pose a few questions maybe someone better than me can create that plan?

Whilst looking at NHS website  I stumbled across this information

“The NHS employs more than 1.7 million people. Of those, just under half are clinically qualified – including 39,780 general practitioners (GPs), 370,327 nurses, 18,687 ambulance staff, and 105,711 hospital and community health service (HCHS) medical and dental staff.

Only the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the Wal-Mart supermarket chain and Indian Railways directly employ more people.

The NHS deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours.

Funding for the NHS comes directly from Taxation and the budget for 2012/13 was around £109 billion now I don’t know what the UK budget deficit is but I am sure that £109 billion would knock a substantial hole in it!

I wonder what jobs the staff that are not clinically qualified do I am sure there are loots of cleaners and caterers, accountants which I am sure is necessary but is it necessary to have one person to support every other person on the “coal face”? When we look at costs at County Battery Services our biggest cost is our most valuable asset our people and we have to be very conscious that they are efficient, effective, and happy, I am not sure from the reports in the media that any of these hold true in the NHS.

For those people that are fortunate enough to work for a company that provides health care insurance the Government penalises this as a benefit in kind. I see the benefit staff members can have access to treatment that otherwise they may not get at times to suit them and their business. The benefit to the Country is that people accessing insurance causes no drain to the NHS in fact there are cases when the NHS can charge for their services. More people using insurance helps to employ more people in that particular field in fact I am not sure if there is a down side at all.

How many people would need to take up private health insurance to balance the books? I can’t say. I do think that letting people have tax breaks for taking personal health cover would increase the amount of people taking it. Would the cuts in tax be enough to lower the overall spending? Maybe what do you think?

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