Just an idea – Tesco will it end in Serfdom or China?

I have been thinking about Tesco!

A few years ago I was having a conversation with a friend on mine about the incredible growth of Tesco and how well they had done. I remember saying at the time that their growth would eventually fall into decline and they could go bust. My friend’s view was that this would not be the case and that they would continue to prosper. Even though their profits have fallen I think we are probably a long way from this as they are still making billions.

So here is an other issue let us assume that Tesco continue to grow. Extending their product offering to include housing cars etc. There is no reason why a person who works for Tesco  should not be able to live without ever having the need to to buy anything from anyone else. In fact all Tesco employees could be paid in Tesco points which is all well and good as long s you are in the “Tesco” family  but is that not akin to Serfdom in the middle ages?

So let us assume that we adopt the feudal system and Tesco become “Lord of the Manor” now as I am sure you are aware Tesco is not owned by one person. It is a Public Limited Company and its shares are traded on a daily basis to whomever can afford and desire them. If you look at the wealth of the world it appears to be in the West but all the wealth is built on debt. The county to whom that debt is owed is China.

Does China have enough Euros,Dollars and Pounds to buy Tesco? If so She can control most of the food distribution in the UK. If this were the case this country could be held to ransom. China could quite legally have world domination without firing a shot!

As some of you know I sell batteries please don’t promote Chinese being the first language in the UK don’t buy your batteries from Tesco but log on to www.countybattery.co.uk

Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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