Should it be legal to smoke in a public building?

Please be aware I am a non smoker.

I do wonder whether it is reasonable for Governments to dictate to companies ordering them to not allow people to smoke in places of work. Now I will state that for me it is a lot better that people do not smoke in public bars. Years ago clothes and hair used to stink of smoke after a night out. I would prefer to eat, go to the cinema, bowling, in fact I can think of no situation where I would be happy to breathe other peoples smoke. It was my choice to go into these places with smoke no one made me.

So if I have lorry it is my lorry no one else uses it why if I choose to should I not be allowed to smoke in it? If I choose to open a restaurant that allows smoking is that not my choice? If I have no patrons then market forces dictate.

Smoking cant be that bad for you….. it cures Kippers!


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