Should Drugs be Legalised?

Here you have the dilemma! You see if you keep drugs such as heroin LSD speed cocaine etc. being illegal, is there a way to stop their distribution? If this is the case then why has this not happened so far?

Al Capone made his fortunes from selling alcohol in prohibition according to he was worth a fortune of $1.3 Billion at today’s equivalent rate the reason he went to prison was because he paid no tax

To the modern-day Pablo Escabar said to be worth $30 billion (gunned down in 1993). Making money out of other people’s misery.

I would guess that however clever Mr Capone and Mr Escabar were, that  in all probability their fortunes were heightened because the items they were selling were illegal, with no tax no law.

So the question is if you legalise drugs can you take away the glamour? Can you slowly phase out their popularity? as the British Government seems to have done with tobacco.

Is it better to have these substances legal and controlled than the opposite, what do you think?


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