Not sure if this would work but….

We live in a country that is taxed in a lot of different ways there are council tax,car tax, VAT, Income Tax, National Insurance, Television Licence, Import Tax export tax, they even tax you when you die. Now the most tax you can possibly take from someone is 100% you cant take more than someone earns so why have so many taxes? Simple answer; the more taxes there are the more jobs are created

From a business point of view this is crazy I have to run my business as economically as possible to keep our staff in gainful employment. If I were to “create” jobs at a whim the life expectancy of County Battery Services would be cut to a minimum because the expenses would outweigh the profits.

If you were to cut the amount of taxes then undoubtedly people would loose jobs but the country would become more efficient and more effective and actually not as much money would need to be generated this being the case the amount of tax recovered could be reduced allowing tax payers to have more money in their pockets.

If you increase the amount of disposable income a person has, invariably they will spend it. Could this cause a spending boom? As people increase their spending will this not increase jobs? As more people are employed will this not increase revenues and decrease social payments?

Income Tax is a penalty for success! For the UK to attract and keep the top earners they must be incentivised. Why is the UK NOT a tax haven? Why are business’ that reinvest in there infrastructure taxed on reinvestment? Why does the UK not wish to attract and keep high earners?


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